Involving our customers in what we do is really important to us.

We aim to make it quick and easy for you to have your say on what matters most and our approach to engaging with our customers make sure we are always on, always listening

Customer consultation

Customers living in Kings Lynn and North Norfolk will have recently received a letter proposing to transfer the day-to-day management of our North Norfolk and Kings Lynn properties from Flagship Homes to Victory Housing Trust.


Your feedback is important to us and we want to hear from you, to help shape and inform our future offers.

We would really like your thoughts and opinions on the proposals as well as any ideas on how we can make the most of the opportunities it offers.

We have set up a dedicated email inbox to answer your queries:

Customer Operations Group

Our Customer Operations Group (COG) scrutinise and improve the way we work and influence the decisions made by our Board. It is made up of six Flagship customers and four members of staff.


Spotlight allows us to the opportunity to engage with our customers in their local area on a two-way, demand led basis. The demand can be requested from customers or by Flagship staff working within the local community who identify a concern and utilize an engagement event to see how we can improve our services in the local community.

Spotlight on: Newmarket Market

On 10 December, we had a stall on the Newmarket High street, so that customers and stakeholders across Newmarket had the opportunity to meet colleagues from Flagship & Gasway.

We met about 40 customers as well members of the public and also the deputy mayor for Newmarket! We were presented with a wide range of questions and completed nearly 30 surveys.

 Customers were generally really positive about where they lived and the services provided by Flagship.

We will be looking to run this event again, as well as doing this on some of our estates so we have an on-site presence.

We will be sending the love to shop voucher to the winning customer in the new year.

Spotlight on: The Abbey

Residents of the Abbey estate have been sharing their thoughts about their area at the latest drop-in session run by Flagship Group.

Held on 10 December, the event was an opportunity for people to share their ideas about what matters to them on the Abbey. Specifically, people were invited to give their thoughts on the themes of sports and recreation, community facilities, the garage sites, and the river walk.

Since the summer, Flagship has been holding drop-in sessions for the community to understand what people like and dislike about the Abbey estate, and to give feedback on what matters most to them.

James Payne, Project Director said: “It was really good to hear people’s thoughts on the Abbey and find out more about what residents want for the estate.

“We’re looking forward to carrying on these conversations in 2020 when there will be more opportunities for people to have their say.”

The next drop-in session will take place from 2pm – 5pm on Tuesday 28 January in the community centre and further events are planned after that.

The Platform

The Platform is a place where you can digitally share your views and opinions and tell us what matters to you via surveys and interactive tasks.

We will use your comments to help shape services from your perspective, always striving for outstanding customer service in everything we do.

And if you’ve signed up, each time you complete a survey you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win high street vouchers – what could be simpler?

Commitment to improving customer involvement

We are proud members of customer engagement experts TPAS who help us improve how we involve our customers and the wider community.

Membership means we have access to additional support and advice so by increasing our skills and knowledge we will be able to raise our engagement standards. This reinforces our commitment of giving you the opportunity to influence our work so that we can continually improve the services we offer.

Find out more and join as a tenant here for access to resources and member benefits.

Your Feedback

Your feedback is very important to us and helps us to improve our systems and services. Find out how your feedback has changed what we do.

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