Involving our customers in what we do is really important to us. We have a Customer Operations Group who act as an important voice for our customers.

We’re also always keen to hear from you so we can continue to improve our services. The Platform is an easy way to do this.

Find out more about both below.

Customer Operations Group

Our Customer Operations Group (COG) scrutinise and improve the way we work and influence the decisions made by our Board. It is made up of five Flagship customers and four members of staff.

COG are involved in a range of activities including joint planning days with our Board, reviewing internal systems and understanding the performance of Flagship Group. They meet quarterly and ensure their viewpoints are fed into the heart of the organisation.

COG have recently looked at a number of internal reviews together with us including:

• The applications process for new customers. 
• The safeguarding procedures we have in place.
• Our arrangements should any of our customers experience a flood. 
• The implications of the changes with customers right to buy.

The group has also reviewed our complaints policy and new process and helped us scrutinise our scope of service. COG aim to understand what really matters to customers and become a truly representative customer voice

“Both customers and staff members feel that COG’s involvement is a crucial part of their role that deeply embeds a customer viewpoint over a range of different reviews that will ultimately impact directly on customers or result in value for money implications. It also gives us, the customers, the opportunity to understand strategic priorities.”

Tracey Haynes, COG Chair

The Platform

The Platform is a place where you can digitally share your views and opinions and tell us what matters to you via surveys, interactive tasks and online discussions.

We will use your comments to help shape services from your perspective, always striving for outstanding customer service in everything we do.

And if you’ve signed up, each time you complete a survey you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win high street vouchers – what could be simpler?