Our Customer Operations Group (COG) work with us to help us understand what matters to our customers. Made up of six customer members together with three senior members of staff, our approach means that we are transparent in the work that we do, that customers are able to hold us to account and ultimately influence decisions taken that affect our customers.

COG are involved in a range of activities including joint planning days with our Board and scrutinising our systems. They meet quarterly but also have their own app to ensure their viewpoints are constantly streamed into the heart of the organisation.

COG have recently been involved in reviewing our strategy and have looked at a number of internal reviews together with us including:

- Our repairs scheduling service
- Our repairs scope of service
- Our complaints process

The Group has also recently reviewed our tenancy, lettings and allocations policies.

COG aim to understand what really matters to customers and become a truly representative customer voice.

Tracey Haynes - Chair

Currently employed as a support worker for Ipswich housing action group, Tracey supports people to avoid eviction, find settled accommodation and manage physical and mental health issues. Tracey has a BA in politics. She was an integral member of the Flagship Customer Scrutiny Panel and has a sound knowledge of social housing. She is described as the ‘one who gets things done’ and we believe that Tracey brings insight, energy and focus to the COG.

Diane Ranner

Diane is currently employed as a Counsellor for young people by the Suffolk Young Peoples Health Project. Diane is based in a high school and at a centre. Diane has a professional background in psychodynamic counselling and delivers counselling services in schools for children and young adults. Previously Diane was employed as part of the therapy team for Headway, offering counselling and training to survivors of brain injury, their families and carers. Diane has gained a wealth of experience in working with diverse groups of people and prior to entering the counselling profession, worked primarily in administrative posts. Diane presents herself in an assured, considered and pragmatic way and brings insight and logic to the team.

Nancy Maduakoh

Nancy works as a project management consultant. She has worked for various NHS organisations including the Ipswich and East Suffolk CCG. In addition to working with public sector organisations, she has experience of working for national charities like the Access to Justice Foundation and with local organisations like the Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality Council (ISCRE), ICENI and the Ipswich Housing Action Group (IHAG) all of whom work to improve services for marginalised and disadvantaged people across Suffolk.

Cy Edmondson

Motivational speaker and author. Cy lives with his flock of 7 in Norfolk. Cy's background is in customer service. Since he started his career 23 years ago in customer retentions, Cy has worked his way through the ranks from managing 400 seater call centres to delivering end to end call centre solutions as a consultant. Cy brings to the group his experience, passion and energy to building solutions around the customer.

Emily Bell

Emily is a Flagship customer of over 10 years. She lives with her family on the outskirts of Norwich. Emily studied Psychology and Sociology at degree level as well as social care (L3). This has sparked her interest in Social housing and tenants’ welfare along with her own experiences. Emily also works in customer services so has transferable skills such as providing customer satisfaction, confidence and communication skills. Emily is driven to helping Flagship hear the voices of customers to shape the way their service is provided.

Louise Supple

Flagship tenant in a village in Suffolk. Louise is currently a full time Mum to two young daughters. Louise currently volunteers as chairperson at a local committee run preschool. Her previous work experience includes managing the purchasing department of a busy publishing company as well as working for 5 years in Ipswich Borough Council’s housing department as a housing officer. Louise brings to the group a passion for working within social housing, good customer service knowledge and motivation to improve customer involvement and service at Flagship.