Your feedback is extremely important to us, we are committed to listening and using your feedback to continuously improve what we do. Below are some examples of where we have listened and made changes to how we deliver our services. 

You Said

The waiting times to report repairs were too long.

We Did

Reviewed our shift patterns and increased training within our Call Centre to increase availability.

You Said

Some specialist teams are difficult to contact.


We Did 

We are upskilling our Response Contact Centre so that more enquiries can be dealt with at the first point of contact.


You Said 

It is unclear what choices are available when selecting my new kitchen.

We Did 

We are in the process of publishing a brochure to increase the information available when a new kitchen is installed.

Making the most of your feedback

We don't just collect feedback, we make sure that we listen. Our priority is to put things right every time that they go wrong.

You Said 

We don't communicate enough about grounds maintenance in your area. 

We Did 

We have scheduled a review into the grounds maintenance service so we can understand and improve what we do.


Complaints and Feedback

January - March 2019



We received 63 complaints

We understand from these complaints we need to concentrate on improving communication and resolve enquiries more promptly.

We achieved 98% satisfaction in resolving customer complaints during the period


We received over 5,000 pieces of feedback

Most commonly our customers talk about great customer service

We are focusing on training contact centre teams to deal with more enquiries and reducing the time to complete more complex repairs.

How to make a complaint

We aim to provide an outstanding service for our customers. However, we understand that sometimes things go wrong and you may be dissatisfied with the service you have received. We want to put things right together as soon as they come to our attention.

If you remain dissatisfied about the decisions, actions or failures of Flagship or RFT, after we have had the opportunity to put things right, we will handle your issue as a complaint.


You can contact us by using one of the methods here

Once we receive your enquiry, a member of our staff will investigate the problem and try to find the best way to put things right, ensuring you understand what is happening and when.  

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