You and Your Home

You and Your Home We are pleased to launch 'You and Your Home' an important new document that explains what we are responsible for, what you are responsible for and what you can expect from us as your landlord.

What we are responsible for: 

Here, we’re setting out what you can expect from us from the start of your tenancy through to the moment you hand your home back to us.

What you are responsible for:

There are also some areas which you are responsible for and these are clearly set out in the document

The service you can expect from us:

We will always work hard to give you a professional service. This means we will answer your queries politely and within a timescale agreed with you. Quite simply, if we say we’ll do something, we will.


The documents are a little different for Home, Shared Ownership and Market Rented customers - make sure you're reading the right one, and if you have any questions just ask your Housing Officer.

You and Your Home

Flagship Home Customers

Download You and Your Home for Home Customers [pdf] 70KB

Shared Ownership Customers

Download You and Your Home for Shared Ownership Customers [pdf] 72KB

Market Rented Customers

Download You and Your Home for Market Rented Customers [pdf] 98KB